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If you have had a mystical experience, we want to hear from you! 

Shrooms in the dark

Artist: Loren Danielle

"I cannot begin to tell you in writing of all my crazy mystical experiences!
But, I want to talk about the mystical, complete oneness when I immerse myself in nature.
This pyrography piece is inspired by that. My favourite place I retreat to is the woods, I go there so often it makes me feel I am home.
Going to the woods at night when the moon is beaming down on me, seeing troll faces in the stones and shadows moving all around, playing tricks on me.

Never have I felt so in tune with myself and nature.
This piece is inspired by these times, underneath the moon and stars, feeling the earth underneath me, feeling the oneness.

Life is one big mystical experience."

Instagram: @the_fire_sprite


Artist: Farhan Tasin

From Ontario

"Are we really in control, or is control an illusion, and so is time. The mere conception of past, present, and the future does persist only on psychological interpretations. Dwelling on those thoughts cracks you open internally and may consume you on the dark side."

Instagram - @farhantasinart
Facebook - @pulpvisuals
Twitter - @FarhanTasin8


Artist: Lucy Fusini

"I was experiencing a lucid dream at the time and started to talk to people in my dream about random things just to see what would happen. I don’t remember the exact question I asked but it was something along the lines of “where are you from” or “where do you live”. I proceeded to get very vivid flashes, one right after the other, of a small A-frame house in the middle of the woods. One flash was of it being built, one was of it completed, and one was after it had begun to decay and was falling down. Now, there is a road going off of my road that I like to walk my dog on because there usually isn’t any other people or cars on it since it turns to an uneven dirt road about a quarter of a mile in. I was walking my dog on that road and suddenly, something caught my eye of the side of the road, tucked away into the woods. It looked like a pile of debris so I went to check it out and it turns out, it was an old A-frame house, just like the one in my dream."

Instagram - @lucyfusini
Snapchat - @lucyfusini


Artist: Nathan Clarke

"I attended my first electronic music festival, Basscoast 2019. My friend Vaden & I sat together viewing the entire forest glowing. It was a great experience."

Dimensions: 30x40" acrylic on canvas.

Social Media: @nathanclarkevisuals


Artist: Exsanguine Hart

"Stay up past the witching hour and stare into the foggy, dismal street until you think you've reached Narnia and the underworld all at once.
The longer you stay awake, the more your perception of everything changes.
The more tired you are, the more awake your soul is to its shadow and to the things you've repressed.
Lastly, turn up the music (or aptly titled Disintegration by The Cure) and embrace your darkness."

Social Media: @xpatriated_hart


The following story comes to us from Arianna F. from South Africa.

"I was awoken by a rhythmic, creaking sound.  I knew I shouldn't, but I turned and looked out my window.  A young girl was swinging at the deserted playground across the street.  It was a dreadfully unnatural sight, and every fiber of my being told me to burrow under the covers, pinch my eyes shut till morning.  But instead, I ran, barefoot in pajamas out to the park.  Something compelled me to.  When I got there, the girl was gone.  I stood in the windy silence, watching the empty swing go back and forth.  Then, a low, evil growl sounded behind me.  I spun around.  A jackal was slinking towards me.   It was smiling.  I wanted to run but couldn't.  I wanted to be having a nightmare but wasn't.  I can't remember what happened next, but the next morning I woke up with dirty feet.  I'll never forget that incident, and sometimes when I'm alone, I hear again that low, evil growl."

Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash


This following art piece was received from a Mythic Tripper who wishes to remain anonymous

"I like to paint my feelings."

Lost in thought

Artist: Chand Khalid

"Once on acid I had a thought, "hang on, if time is going so slow, how come the music still sounds like it's going the same speed?" Then BOOM! in a single beat of a song, I could think of multiple issues in my life, or different inspirations and creative aspirations, and clearly solve or work with the thought in complete clarity. That was amazing."

Instagram: @psychedelistan

The Architect

Artist: Chand Khalid

On one of my higher doses of acid trips, I had a sudden moment of clarity towards existence as I hallucinated this image, or the closest to it. It presented itself as "The Architect" and proceeded to show me the intricacies of consciousness and my brain. The spiral of life. The architecture of existence."

Instagram: @psychedelistan


Artist: Melissa Connors

From Ontario

"Peaceful calm serenity as the sunrises allows the mind to contemplate, reflect and appreciate..." - Melissa Connors 


Artist: Bridgett Brown

From Ontario

Bridgett is a multi-talented artist and props builder from North Bay, Ontario.   She's the founder of 17 Film Production Support Inc, a company that provides location support, props and various other services to the film community in Northern Ontario.

"Everyday seems like a mystical experience to me. Why I paint the things I do, I leave to the Universe to decipher." - Bridgett Brown

17 Film Production Support Inc.

Night Under The Stars

Artist: Jennifer Taylor

From England

"My artwork is always painted from imagination...but is something that I feel I need to connect to in varying degrees when creating. Sometimes the connection is strong, others times less so. With this piece the connection was strong, it flowed off my brush with ease. It was a special moment and feeling. I love to look back on this piece as a little landmark in my connection and journey through my imagination. It felt like the connection to something magical and ethereal was real and this piece was a tangible object from that special realm." - Jennifer Taylor

Instagram: @jennifertaylorart

Facebook: @jentaylorartist


Artist: Thank you to our youngest Mythic Tripper so far, Dahlia, age 9.

From Toronto

‘Over the sunset, over the moon, the ocean shimmers in the gloom’

Mystical Story

This following story was received from a Mythic Tripper who wishes to remain anonymous

"My husband and I sought out a black magic stall in the Medina of Fez (Morocco). I wanted to buy some Myrrh and poke around, being the occult lover that I am, but the stall was eerily unattended. I settled for snapping a photo and we were on our way.  No sooner did I feel a strange sensation across my forehead.  The need to turn around and look back on my steps.  And there, rushing through the crowd after me was a horrible spectre.  A ghost child.  He was coming right at me.  I'll never forget those pointy teeth, the gray skin, the purple bruises.  I looked back to my husband.  He was staring at the entity in shock.  We were both paralyzed.  And then it was all over, the spectre vanished.  Weeks later, I got the photo developed and am sharing here. Notice the white arc descending from the counter.  This is an original photograph that has not been doctored or altered in any way."

Spirit Animal

Artist: Marina Stössel

From Switzerland

"Making art is a mystical experience," - Marina Stössel.

Instagram: @Syri_Water

Ayahuasca Snakes

Artist: TAS Visuals

Ayahuasca, a.k.a. Vine of the Soul,  is a magic intoxicant believed to free the soul, allowing it to wander free and return to the body at will.  Abstract designs such as those on the serpents in the video are typical of Ayahuasca hallucinations.  Thank you to, George from TAS visuals for creating and sharing such an incredible piece!

Instagram: @tas.visuals


Flee The Light

Feature Film

Artist: Anna Maghradze

From Georgia

" all started when Delfi, hundreds of years ago, was awoken by the moon..."

Thank you to Anna Maghradze, for helping to visually capture the essence of the mystical for our film Flee The Light.

 To see more of Anna's beautiful art work, follow her on Instagram (@anna_maghradze)



Artist: Pallavi Guptaa 

From India

"I live in the mystical"

"This painting depicts the ultimate nature of human consciousness. We don’t have to stand outside the light to find it but realize we are the light we search. This is the beginning of the mystical journey." - Pallavi Guptaa

Join Pallavi's mystical journey on Instagram (@mysticalartist111)


Artist: David Wyatt

From Australia

Forging Mind captures the essence of form, symmetry and colour to create art that instills peace and mesmerizes the beholder.

David is the founder of Forging Mind and specializes in creating visual art for deep relaxation, meditation and mental well being. He welcomes you to his journey of visual creativity. A journey where digital art converges with spiritual enlightenment.

At the time David's artistic creativity was blooming, he began seeing a prevalence of the number 1, mostly in a series such as 1111. He would glance at his digital clock, or feel compelled to press the home button on his mobile phone to wake it up, only to see the time 11:11. He would go to a cafe and be given table number 11, glance at the trip computer in his car and see 111kms fuel remaining. At first he thought this was a freak coincidence but after over a year of witnessing these numbers sequences he felt this had to be more than just coincidence. He does not actively look for these numbers, they seek him, in a moment of impulse.

When a handful of colleagues at work also shared their experiences of seeing "the ones" he didn't feel alone. A Google of 1111 or 11:11 will show thousands of results describing this global mystical phenomenon. Even social media channels have hashtags with #1111 in posts with people all over the world sharing their witness to this synchronicity. These number sequences, and not just limited to the ones, have been referred to as "angel numbers".

Is it possible the timing of seeing these number sequences when David's creative world unfolded is related? Either way, this was a transformational period of his life.Today, David continues to explore the effects of mixing sound and visuals to create magical and healing experiences for everyone to enjoy. Join him on Instagram (@forgingmind) where he regularly posts collaborations with sound artists and other creative visuals. 

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