Mythic Trips is a Toronto-based production company dedicated to creating movies and TV series that make your heart race and send shivers down your spine.


Our first feature film, FLEE THE LIGHT, is a mystical horror thriller about a demon that hunts in the light.

Coming summer 2021

Have you ever seen the light?

BTS and Stills from our shoot in North Bay


In Development

A 'Horror in Paradise' TV series about a

community of alternative travellers 

who experience the scariest myths and legends

from around the world.



About Us

Jennifer Mancini, Writer, Producer, President


After graduating in engineering, Jennifer left her hometown of Montreal to work all around the world, eventually landing her in Spain. Her love of the night, along with other mysterious forces, led her to an underground gypsy bar deep in Barcelona's gothic quarter. There the idea for Flee The Light was born and a few years later, she returned to Canada and founded Mythic Trips Entertainment.

Alexia Kranis,  Development & Production Coordinator


After graduating in film production from York University, Alexia began working for Mythic Trips, overseeing all phases of our content development as well as coordinating our productions.

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